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Is being a personal trainer a fun job?



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Get the Basics…

Working as a personal training can be both a fun and rewarding experience Monetary and personal gains along with a sense of self-satisfaction through helping others are achievable through working as a personal trainer Taking care of the business end further ensures the life of a personal trainer remains enjoyable Fitness enthusiasts hit the gym for different reasons. Weight loss and muscle building top the list. Are they the most important reasons why gym goers hit their favorite fitness spot?

For some, seeing results serves as the top motivator to head over to the gym to jump on the Stair Master and then lift weights. Don’t, however, overlook another big motivator: hitting the gym is fun.

People don’t go to the gym to experience a grind or perform hard work. They love the gym because working out is enjoyable. Embracing the fitness lifestyle can be enormously fun.

Those really into the fitness lifestyle may take things to the next level. They become professionals in the fitness industry.

Gravitating towards the job of a personal trainer remains the logical step for someone interesting in spending time in the gym while earning a good living.

Does the fun go out of gym time once you become a personal trainer, though? As long as you approach the job the right way, personal training should always remain a lot of fun.

Doing What You Love

One of the most oft-repeated sayings in the job seeking world is “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Personal trainers dedicate themselves working out, eating right, and learning better approaches to training. Their hearts and minds are in the gym. They love to attend fitness expos and stay on top of new trends in the industry.

Personal training allows them to spend their work week doing what they would be doing during off hours.

By doing what you love, you eliminate a lot of the stress common with working a job solely for the money. Of course, the fringe benefit of becoming a personal trainer would be the potential to earn a decent amount — possibly a significant amount — of money.

That said, the most rewarding and fun aspects to being a personal trainer have nothing to do with monetary compensation.

Helping People in Need

A great sense of personal well-being can be gained from leading others down the path of better fitness.

Only a small segment of people working with personal trainers are bodybuilders and powerlifters looking to win competitions. The vast majority of clients are people wanting to improve their health and appearance.

Since they lack the experience and knowledge to do so on their own, they ask a personal trainer for support. Personal trainers often gain tremendous personal satisfaction by helping people meet their goals.

Giving trainers experience great joy when assisting someone to achieve his/her goals and to live a healthier life.

Meeting Lots of New People

Personal trainers can’t help but meet a lot of people. They meet fellow professionals and, of course, they meet a lot of clients.

Talented and hardworking personal trainers leave great impressions in the minds of people they come in contact with. Things don’t always remain strictly business with the people personal trainers meet.

Friendships develop and most agree that making a large number of friends only has its positives. In fact, this adds to the overall positive nature associated with becoming a personal trainer.

The Work Environment is Appealing

Personal trainers don’t sit at a desk in a dreary, stuffy office. They spend their time in the overall upbeat environment of a full-service gym.

The combination of the sun shining through the windows and the overall enthusiastic attitudes of the gym’s members makes the environment one very enjoyable to spend time in.

Train Anyone, Anywhere in the World. Setting Your Own Hours

Gyms open really early in the morning and even stay open late. Certain gyms even keep their doors open 24 hours a day creating flexibility for a personal trainer’s schedule.

With flexibility, the concept of the dull 9 – 5 job doesn’t fit into the life of a personal trainer. Through setting your own hours, you devise a work week that benefits you mentally and physically.

Setting your own hours contributes to getting the maximum amount of rest, balancing work and home responsibilities, and keeping time free for personal pursuits.

All these things come together to make the life of a personal trainer a bit more enjoyable.

Take Care of Business to Make Things More Fun

Personal training remains a business pursuit. While enjoyable, specific responsibilities cannot be avoided. Trainers who properly take care of the business end keep things a lot more enjoyable.

— Pace Yourself and Craft a Smart Schedule

The best way to make sure you never stop having fun entails preventing burnout. While it takes time to build up clients, once a personal trainer good reputation gets out there, new clients start calling to book sessions.

Every client and every training sessions add up to more and more money. Certain trainers can book ten sessions a day six days a week and not suffer burnout.

Those unable to work so many hours, however, should cut their schedule back.

By working at a decent pace, the job won’t become a grind or burdensome. Hence, training people never stops being fun.

— Be Very Organized

You will keep the job of a personal trainer much more enjoyable when you properly organize your business. Plan out your work schedule in advance and log all training session dates and times.

Also, keep detailed logs of your client’s progress so the next session builds on the previous one. This way, appointments are both met and remain productive.

Organize all files such as client risk assessments and waivers. Keep track of your earnings and all possible deductions. Doing so makes things a lot easier if the need for these documents ever arises.

— Invest in a Good Insurance Policy

How could buying a liability protection policy make the job more fun? Well, by having insurance protection in place, you eliminate a lot of stress and worry over potential liability.

Anything that cuts down on worry and stress contributes to the fun nature of the job.

Taking care of business definitely, adds to the fun. You might not see how it does this, but good business practices always make things easier.

The Personal Trainer’s Life

Personal training represents a career and life path a lot different from other professions.

Since the professional side comes from what may have once been a hobby, the chance to have fun stays huge. If this life is for you, then there’s no reason why the fun ever has to go away.


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Is being a personal trainer a fun job? was originally posted at by Lydia Auchtung

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5 Free Fitness Coaching Tools



This post was originally published on this site

Many personal trainers, especially those who are training as a side hustle or are just starting out, may be short on cash to invest in their business.

Luckily, there are numerous free tools out there that will help you streamline and improve how you interact with people — be them your clients, potential clients, or the public in general.

Below are five free services and tools that I use on a regular basis!

#1 – SignRequest

You have your clients sign a waiver and PAR-Q, right? In the past, I would email them the files, and they would have to digitally sign them themselves or print, scan, and email them back to me. What a hassle!

With the free plan from SignRequest, all I have to do is upload my two blank forms, click where my new client needs to sign and check, and email it to them. They can easily sign digitally and send it right back to my email inbox. Two clicks later and I’ve moved the signed document into their Google Docs folder.

If you want to upgrade your SignRequest, it will let you customize logos and colors, use templates, and store more documents.

#2 – Calendly

We should always be improving. Sometimes I look back at how I used to do things and think, “I can’t believe I did it like that!” but that’s just how progress works.

Calendly is how I now schedule check-ins with athletes and consultations/interviews with potential clients. It integrates with my calendar’s availability hours and detects local time zones, and even the free version is highly versatile. All you have to do is send them your personal Calendly URL, and they’re good to go!

Upgrading your Calendly lets you have more than one event type (mine is simply “Meeting”) and more customization.

#3 – InShot

I post a lot of Youtube videos. Most of these videos are done in one take and require very little editing, if any. In the past, I would film on my iPhone, upload to my computer, and edit it there. For a 1-minute video, I’d film a few takes and cut/paste the best down to a minute. It was time consuming and more stressful with all the takes and editing!

Now that I’ve gotten more comfortable with the videos through practice, I simply do a single take. With InShot, I combine the intro and extro I have saved on my iPhone with the video, add some text, maybe edit a tiny bit, and then upload it straight to Youtube and Facebook from my phone. InShot actually lets you remove their logo in two presses of your thumb.

I don’t know if there’s a paid version because I’ve never needed it!

#4 – IFTTT

If This, Then That is a handy tool that connects services with various applets to make things happen. For example, I have an applet that will post my Instagram photos as native photos to Twitter if I include the #twitter hashtag in my Instagram post. They also post to my Facebook page as native images if I put #runningcoach in the original Instagram post.

There’s an incredible number of applets — from emailing you posts from your favorite Subreddit and alerting you of rain in the forecast, to connecting your IOS Calendar to your Google Calendar.

Just about every service you could think of is included: from the EPA . . . to Chicago Transit Authority . . . to home security services!

#5 – Canva

Canva has been a super handy tool for photo editing. I primarily use it to create my Youtube cover images quickly. However, you can use it to easily select sizes for just about every social media site, make templates for ebooks and marketing materials, and even create event invitations.

You may search for free photos to use; find a great variety of fonts, templates, and shapes; save brand colors, etc. Upgrading offers you more features, but I’ve tried this and found that the free version has plenty of horse power!

What other free tools and services do you find indispensable for your training needs?

Train Anyone, Anywhere in the World.

Kyle Kranz is a running coach who specializes in helping runners learn good training practices so they can run sustainably and injury-free on their own. Kyle works remotely with busy individuals all over the world who are looking to improve at distances ranging from the 5k to ultra-marathon. He has lost 80 pounds, obtained a degree in Dietetics, and earned a certification through the Online Trainer Academy. Since he primarily works online with clients, he and his wife enjoy spending the summer house-sitting in different locations around the world.

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5 Free Fitness Coaching Tools was originally posted at by Kyle Kranz

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