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What does an Athlete Eat?



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While program design is often touted as the defining factor of a great athlete, smart nutrition prescription is the backbone that allows athletes to train at the highest level.

Consuming food is a task for the body and one that requires an internal system that is prepared for this influx of energy. If we don't have the foundation laid for this energy, we will have a hard time absorbing and using the energy we are consuming.

This brings us back to our previous blog where we discussed “Basic Lifestyle Guidelines” and compared those to the “Athlete Basic Lifestyle Guidelines”. As you may recall, we must cultivate an internal environment that is ready for that fuel via great food hygiene, chewing our food well, consistent sleep, daily time in the sun, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. And you may also recall that there is a difference in this prescription when comparing individuals geared towards fitness and long term health versus athletes determined to reach their maximal physical potential.

To gain a better understanding of this separation, we at OPEX have been collecting data on our highest-level athletes looking at the nutritional prescriptions provided to them by their coaches. No one else in the fitness market is collecting data to find patterns within a subset group of athletes to give credence to the prescriptions they are providing. At best, coaches are guessing with their macronutrient prescriptions.

After our initial data collection, we acquired 50 data points looking at athletes who fell into one or more of the following categories: competed at the CrossFit Regionals, the CrossFit Games, or are planning on contending at the CrossFit Games next year. Thus, these athletes are part of the 1% of all CrossFit athletes.

We came up with averages for both Males and Females and provided food log examples for both from current Games Athletes we are coaching:

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