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12 Signs of Unhealthy Work Life-Balance



Get the Basics…

Work-life balance is something you prioritize. Why not try out a journal to keep yourself accountable? Exercise is critical for any holistic work-life balance Work-life balance is like the search for El Dorado. We love to talk about it, research it, and search for it, but it ever eludes us. However, this shouldn’t be the case.

Often something is unattainable because we make it unattainable. Work-life balance only happens when you make your life a priority and when you can honestly assess your mental, physical, spiritual, and work health habits.

I highly recommend using a journal. This year I’ve started using a bullet journal for flexibility and am loving it.

Don’t be intimated by all the crazy artsy bullet journals you might see. Make yours simple, and make sure it works for you.

12 Reasons for an Imbalance in Work and Life #1 – You work all the time

Work is good and healthy. However, when it becomes the thing that consumes your life you may be nearing burn out.

Make sure your current work hours are sustainable. If not, then have a cut off time where you commit to slowing down and taking a breath. Whether that means taking a vacation, lowering hours, or investing in a hobby.

#2 – You aren’t regularly sleeping

Sleep is critical to your overall health and without the proper sleep, you won’t be as sharp at work, home, or with your friends.

Have you ever fallen asleep while working? That’s a strong indicator you need to re-evaluate your work-life balance.

On the flip side, why not schedule power naps into your weekly rhythm?

#3 – You aren’t exercising

Study after study shows that exercise is critical for long-term physical and mental health. If you are working so much that you aren’t exercising at all, then sit down and honestly evaluate your time. Make your physical health a priority.

Most of you know this otherwise you wouldn’t be here. I recommend talking with one of our trainers. Why not take the first step? Try our Pro Plan 30-days risk-free.

#4 – You never have fun

Make sure you taking time every day if possible to do something that’s fun.

#5 – You never invest in personal relationships

Have you looked back at a week, month, or year and realized you’ve worked to the detriment of your personal relationships?

Studies show you can only maintain 150 relationships at one time. And no more than five close relationships in your inner circle.

At different points in your life, you may have to put a hold on different circles of your friendship, but always make sure you are nurturing your inner circle. Those are the people who support you no matter what, provide you with honest advice, and stability in your life.

#6 – You are aimless

Make sure you have a goal hierarchy. Know your top-level values and priorities and how major aspects of your life like work, school, relationships connect.

Not having any structure will hurt your productivity at work as well as your balance at home.

#7 – You never finish projects

There is a variety of reasons why people don’t finish projects. Sometimes these reasons are great and should be applauded. Sometimes you just come to a point where you have to cut ties and call it a loss.

However, lots of our reasons aren’t great:

Honestly, evaluate why you can’t finish and make SMART goals to help you achieve your goals. We also recommend checking out Jon Acuff’s Finish!

#8 – You never stop thinking about work

Have you ever found yourself at home thinking about work? What about sitting at dinner with friends and 15 minutes pass and you’re in the work la la land?

Give yourself permission to leave work at work. In Deep Work, Cal Newport shares that when he’s done with work for the day he has a routine he repeats that helps his brain know he’s leaving work.

#9 – You’re always stressed

Whenever we don’t foster healthy habits, our body will respond with increased stress. It knows we’re out of whack. In the talk above, David Allen discusses how you can experience stress-free productivity.

Stress will affect all of your life including your work. Here are a few tips to help you keep stress in check:

#10 – You never say no to your job

I won’t say a lot about this here because we have written about this topic in-depth. However, once you’ve set clear goals give yourself the freedom to say no to things that aren’t high-value.

Sometimes that means saying no to something that’s good but comes up at the wrong time. Sometimes that just means saying no without explanation. Take a minute and read “The Power of Saying No.”

#11 – You have no hobbies

The world is a terrible, beautiful, and exciting place. There is so many things to do around us. You can’t do everything, but you can experiment with different hobbies to stretch yourself, find something you truly enjoy, and increase your creativity.

Here are some benefits of having a hobby:

Reduces stress Connects you with other people Fosters creativity Exposes you different points of view Provides resistance to grow Helps you continually learn #12 – Checking emails late into the night

Checking emails throughout the day is a sure sign you aren’t fostering healthy habits. Doing so prevents you from focusing on the most important parts of your work. Doing so late at night when you should be focusing on other aspects of your life prevents you from having any kind of balance in your life.


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There’s a normalcy in the world of fitness that a person can’t focus on gains without a little bit of pain. That may be true in the gym, but not on the toilet.

Steel Stool wanted to create a solution that elevated the bathroom experience by creating a natural vegan fiber product that is specifically designed to improve the digestive process for those with protein-based diets, without negatively impacting goals around muscle building and body fat reduction. The premium blend of psyllium husk, cinnamon, chicory and aloe vera in Steel Stool helps aid digestion for protein heavy diets and all diets that lack fiber.

Steel Stool’s natural blend of ingredients also has additional benefits for the body:

Aloe. Naturally containing high amounts of fiber and water, aloe vera is alkaline, meaning it helps reduce inflammation in the stomach and feed good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Chicory. Soluble fiber is the primary type of fiber found in chicory root. This key ingredient slows digestion and eliminates cholesterol from the body.

Psyllium Husk. Serves as a prebiotic to help facilitate the nourishment of bacteria in the lining of the gut. In turn, this will help proper digestion and healthy absorption of food.

Cinnamon. Reduces the stomach’s rate of digestion, helping to normalize blood sugar levels and reduce triglycerides, bad cholesterol and total cholesterol.

Join the Movement

Customers are already raving about the impact that Steel Stool has had! 

Steel Stool works exactly like it says it does. I could tell a difference within the first week! -Scott W.

As an avid gym rat and consuming a high-protein diet, I was looking for a fiber to add to the supplements I take. Steel Stool really went above and beyond what I was looking for in a product. -Vincent D.

I will say that the highly sought-after Ghost Wipe is much closer to reality than it had been before, even having only been trying Steel Stool for about a week (and trying to remember to take it as directed). So far so good, and I will be purchasing again! -Cody P.

Get the Potty Started!

Steel Stool’s goal is to make happy poops, improve digestion and save you time. Steel Stool does the hard work for you by taking the worry out of messy bowel movements by using fiber that improves every aspect of your digestion. Steel Stool is here to minimize or eliminate time spent with endless wiping and irregularity. Get in, get it out, and go! Ghost Wipe Guaranteed!

Steel Stool is a product with universal appeal, as it makes one of life’s sometimes unpleasant necessities much easier. Learn more about how you can enjoy an elevated bathroom experience with our fitness fiber designed for protein-based diets by visiting

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With the current state of our world, we have the opportunity to take back our health and fitness in a positive way. By grounding with our mindset and sticking with the actions that yield positive changes in our lives, we can begin to reclaim our well-being. This conversation — which we had during our Instagram live episode — could not have come at a better time as we talked about how to do this and more.

Howard and I were able to cover a lot of ground in this hourlong conversation, including:

  • How we both personally tackle the challenges of healthy aging.
  • Ways to avoid the common excuses that many people use for not getting up and moving.
  • How the circumstances of the past year — including social distancing and isolation — have taken an additional physical and mental toll on many.
  • The importance of mental fitness.
  • Stories about our early childhood days, growing up, and now being fathers.
  • How to approach each day with some fun tips that people can apply to change their outlook on life, including these:
    • Kick off each day with the question: How will I be intentional with myself and those around me with my actions?
    • How does my health and fitness impact my family, friends, and people I work with daily?
    • Challenge yourself to be 1 percent better each day — and be sure to celebrate those wins.

We left it all out there for viewers and listeners in hopes they can apply some of the insights and learnings from our experiences in their own lives and create the positive changes necessary to become the best version of themselves. Tune in — and feel free to share your top takeaways in the comments below.

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