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Post-Workout Analysis: Breakdown of CrossFit® Games Open 18.2 Event



Analysis by OPEX Head Coach Henry Torano and what to take away moving forward

What I enjoyed most about 18.2 + 18.2A is that it involved a little bit of everything. This workout required the athlete to put up a relatively high power output in fast contractions of both the burpee and the squat, and throw up a huge clean number in a very short amount of time. The volume was fairly minimal, only 55 reps in total of both the dumbbell squat and the burpee.

However, the speed required to achieve a competitive score was tremendous given the limited time frame in tackling two very different workouts.

This means that lactate hits were a required in the warm up to get heart rate up to the level that it would reach during the workout as well as “waking up” lactic acid buffering and reminding the body how to clear and recycle it for energy. It was equally as vital that the athlete have an aerobic system capable of recovering quickly from the effort of the first piece to hit a very heavy clean in 18.2 A. In addition, getting a ‘fast’ score in the first portion of this workout required a tight and organized setup with minimal transition time.

Overall, the difference makers in your finishing time in 18.2 and weight cleaned in 18.2a was a combination of two simple factors: How ‘tight’ your equipment set-up was and how well you followed a strict and targeted warm up effort.

Was Your Equipment Setup Organized?

One of the most basic, yet overlooked components of Open Workouts is the placement of your equipment. In fact, there were plenty of people I saw on various social media apps and in the CrossFit Games leaderboard video submissions who lost up to a minute or more of time due to poor planning of where they placed their dumbbells, how they set them down after a set, and where they ended up following a set of burpees. This also includes poor chalk ‘discipline’, which means individuals who have a habit of chalking their hands when it’s completely unnecessary and a waste of time.

Therefore, the placement of your equipment in 18.2 + 18.2A was critical to your success. The overall setup of your equipment needed to be tight, close together, and organized. Take a look at the diagram below for the ideal set-up as described in the OPEX Strategy Guide.


CrossFit Open 18.2 was all about a tight setup with a great warm up

As you can see, the dumbbells should have been located near where you started on a perpendicular plane to the barbell. This would have prevented a lot of unnecessary turning and pivoting. The dumbbells should have also been placed very close to either the left or right bumper plate on the barbell. Doing so would have minimized the time between the dumbbell squats and the bar over burpees.


Moving forward into 18.3, you need to become more cognizant of where you place your equipment. There needs to be a rhyme, reason and order to where everything is placed. Doing so could improve your position on the leaderboard dramatically.

Was Your Warmup Specific?

You shouldn’t expect to do very well in any competitive workout without warming up. However, when I speak about warming up, I’m not referring to random stretches and movements. A warm up should be a focused and targeted effort to get you prepared for the main event.

When it comes to warmups, several things need to be considered:

  1. Movements
  2. Rep Volume
  3. Rate of Contraction
  4. Energy Systems requirements

All of these factors influence the framework of an effective warm-up. In the case of 18.2, it was a relatively low volume workout performed at an incredibly high pace with fast rate of contraction. Your warm up needed to take this into account. Let’s take a look at the warmup found in the OPEX Open Prep Guide for 18.2

A. GENERAL PREP – 15 minutes @ 60% – 10 Cal AB – 8 Walking Lunges – 6 Push-Ups – 4 Air Squats

B. Dynamic / Activation – Hip Flow – Foam roll lats – Lacrosse ball on the pecs and triceps – Glute activation: – RDL – Star Plank

C. CP HIT – Build to 90 – 95% of max clean – If power cleaning, only prep power clean.

D. Specific Prep – Three Sets at increasing effort – 10 – 15 Cals AB – 4 – 6 DB Front Squat – 4 – 6 Bar Facing Burpees – 8 – 10 Cals AB – Rest 5 – 8 minutes between sets – First set @ 90% – Second set @ 95% – Third set @ 97%

The warmup is a training session in and of itself specifically because the workout is incredibly demanding. The body must be prepared for the specific work required. Moving forward into the next event, you should consider warming up in a structured and targeted way. You will be surprised by how much you can improve your score by focusing more on your warmup.


Henry Toraño OPEX Remote Coach

Henry’s first involvement in sports was at the age of 5, when he joined his first basketball team. In the next three years came volleyball and baseball until he was finally old enough, at 8, to begin Pee Wee Football. For the next 20 years football became his main interest, his passion, his teacher, his refuge, and his outlet. Every day, every practice, every game the whistle would blow and it was the field of dreams. The one place where nothing else mattered and 100% of his being would be dedicated to his performance, his team, and the infinitely insatiable desire to notch another “W”.
By age 17 he realized that everybody goes to practice, listens to the coaches, and dedicates themselves. To gain an edge, there would have to be even more commitment, off the field. That’s when he joined a gym for the first time, and began to learn about the intricacies of preparing the body to perform. After high school, college (Div 1 AA), and semi-pro football, this became his new passion, as he found himself fascinated with the ability to establish a physical training program with predictable results.
Later on, he got involved in the sport of triathlon. With many short distance races as well as several half and full Ironman races, he continued his quest to achieve the highest level of physical performance within his reach. In the sport of fitness, Henry is CF Regionals qualifier out of Latin America as an individual in 2014 and as part of Team Aggressive in 2015.

His resumé includes: NASM Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Coach’s Prep, CrossFit Endurance Trainer, CrossFit Kids Trainer, CrossFit Mobility Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, Level 1 IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, OPEX L1 Associate Coach and OPEX L2 Nutrition.


Request a consult with Henry now!

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Gym Equipments For Home – Basic Workout Equipment For Home Use



The multifunctional home gym set is the ultimate solution to your fitness needs. It comes with all the necessary equipment you need to exercise at home, including weight plates (PVC rigid shells filled with concrete), a 4 ft. long plain rod, and two fourteen inch dumbbells. It will help you strengthen your entire body while giving you a total-body workout. There are many benefits of owning a home gym set.

The most attractive feature of this home gym is its ease of use and portability. It can be used by multiple people at the same time. Because of its multi-user capacity, this home gym is worth the price. The gym equipments are easily assembled and can be installed by oneself. The prices are reasonable as well. Some gym equipments come with free accessories, such as a sweat belt, a skipping rope, and a bag.

For those who don't have a lot of space, a multi-functional home gym may be your best option. It can fit in about 16 square feet of space, and supports over twenty-five different exercises. Some of the most popular exercises are leg extension, bicep curl, and arm curl. You can even use it to train your entire family. Whether you're trying to lose weight or tone your body, you'll find the right home gym equipment for you.

The exercise machines you choose should also be comfortable for you to use. If you're not comfortable with an exercise machine, you might lose interest and quit your workouts early. Be sure to test out several different positions before you make a decision. You may want to consider a gym equipments for home set that has ergonomic designs for a variety of different body types. You can then compare the prices from different places to find the best deal.

The TRX All-in-One System is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that allows you to perform a variety of upper and lower-body exercises. Installed on a door, it can help you exercise even if you don't have much space. You can also make your own workout machines using simple equipments. All you need are some resistance loop bands, a bar, and a step platform.

A home gym set is a great choice for busy people who want to do their exercises from the comfort of their own home. Choosing a home gym set will give you the flexibility and the freedom to work out whenever you want. This option is both affordable and convenient. You can choose a machine that meets your needs and fits in your home. There are many different options available, so don't get overwhelmed. Make sure to seek professional help when buying a home gym set.

The size and design of a home gym set are crucial factors when choosing one. Consider the space available and the size and weight of the machine before purchasing. Some gyms are simple, single station machines that are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Single station machines are also affordable and widely available, so don't be afraid to buy one. However, it's best to avoid the single-station gyms and opt for multi-station home gyms that will allow you to exercise more muscles at once.

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Celebrity Workout Secrets



If you're looking for the latest celeb workout routine, you've come to the right place. From Madonna to Cameron Diaz, there are plenty of celebrity workouts that can help you get in shape. But which one should you try? In this article, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite celebrity workouts. Try out these exercises and see how they can help you get in shape, too! Whether you're an amateur fitness freak or a fitness nut, there's an exercise routine for you.

A celebrity workout routine can be deeply entertaining or creepy, depending on the type of celebrity and the specific role they play. While celebrities have several benefits over regular people, such as flexible schedules, access to personal trainers, and genetics, they still have to put in time and effort to stay fit. Despite their seemingly perfect bodies, even the most popular celebrities have to work out regularly to keep them in shape and stay healthy. In addition to sticking to their workout regimen, celebrities must also make sure they eat well and stretch regularly to prevent injury.

Some celebrities also prefer to do their workouts with a partner. Victoria Beckham and husband David Beckham love to work out together. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have filmed a workout together during the upcoming coronavirus pandemic to motivate others. Lea Michele is another celeb workout enthusiast, taking part in a popular cycling class with fellow celeb Becca Tobin. These celebrities are just a few of the many celebrities who swear by their own workout routines.

If you want to try a celebrity workout without paying the expensive price tag, you can check out Barry's Bootcamp. This popular fitness studio first opened its doors in California in 1998 and has since expanded to multiple locations in the US, Norway, and England. Its calorie-burning routines combine cardio, strength training, and resistance bands. These celebrities are all famous for working out hard, and their workouts have been featured on countless TV shows, websites, and apps.

Hollywood actors also need to look the part. As much as memorizing lines and delivering them with gusto, they need to look the part. Celebrity workouts can be a great way to get in shape and feel good about yourself! Try out one of these celebrity workouts today! Your body will thank you! So don't be afraid to try out the workout regime that is right for you! They all have great bodies, so why not follow them?

Hip-shaking Bollywood dance classes are another great way to get into shape. Many celebs enjoy this fun workout! Beyonce and Rihanna are fans of the pop-inspired dance routine, and both are known to work their abs in this way. Beyonce even takes belly dancing classes. You can get in shape like them in a short amount of time. And remember, they don't stop working out even when they're not on stage.

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What Is Pvolve Reviews? – Choosing the Best Exercise Balls



Exercise balls are a versatile piece of gym equipment. They can be used for light workouts or as desk chairs. Choose the size according to your height. People below five feet should choose the smaller version, while people over six feet should choose the larger ones. The height of your desk can also be a factor in selecting the appropriate size. Ideally, the ball should be between five and seven inches high, depending on your height. Listed below are some tips for choosing the best exercise ball for you.

A durable and affordable exercise ball is the Wacces Fitness and Exercise Ball. It is made of heavy-duty PVC and ships with an instruction manual. The Relin ball is rated for 2,000 pounds. It can be used for most bodyweight exercises. It comes with a two-year warranty, making it an excellent choice. It also comes with anti-slip stripes. Choosing the best exercise ball depends on your budget, goals, and personal preferences.

For a more challenging workout, check out the REP Fitness V2 Slam Ball. This ball allows you to work your arms and core while ensuring comfort and stability. It also has waterproof service for added safety. You can find a variety of different sizes and weights to suit your needs. When comparing exercise balls, make sure you look for a ball that will accommodate your workout needs. And remember that there are a number of different types available on the market, so make sure you read the reviews before making a purchase.

Another important factor is the weight capacity of the exercise ball. While the static weight capacity of an exercise ball is around 2,000 pounds, its actual weight capacity is usually 250 to 300 pounds. However, you should make sure that the exercise ball you buy is heavy enough to offer resistance without compromising your balance. If you want to buy a yoga ball, make sure you choose one with a higher weight capacity. You can also buy a smaller ball if you want to do yoga exercises on it.

Pregnant women should look for a pregnancy-specific exercise ball. These pregnancy-friendly exercise balls are made for women of all shapes and sizes. The pregnancy ball also comes with a DVD that features trainer-led exercises. And since they're shaped to accommodate the growing baby inside, it's a safe option for working out while pregnant. With the correct weight capacity, the baby will be safe, and you will enjoy a lifetime of fun workouts.

An exercise ball that's heavy enough to support 2000 pounds can also be durable and versatile. These balls allow for cross-training and can strengthen muscles and joints. For beginners, physio balls can be dangerous, and they're best used with an instructor. But they're not for everyone. You need to find the right exercise ball for you. The above tips will help you decide which one to buy. There are plenty of exercise balls on the market, so take your time in your search.

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