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Spring Clean Your Nutrition and Fitness Routine



With winter making way for sunshine and warmer temperatures, there’s something about this time of year that sets the stage for a fresh start. As we plan to spring clean our homes, with the outdoor weather and nature changes, it’s also a perfect time to reassess and spruce up your nutrition and fitness plan with some renewed energy and vigor.

Here are some great ways to reset your healthy habits this spring.

Spring Nutrition

While certain core aspects of healthy nutrition persist year-round (such as balancing meals with plenty of colorful produce, ample protein, and inclusion of healthy fat), with the increase in fresh fruits and veggies, spring is a great time to get some variety into the rotation.

Try Seasonal Produce

Adding some in-season produce not only freshens up the color and flavor of your eating routine, but it also provides a host of fresh and bioavailable nutrients to fuel a healthy metabolism. Here are some spring favorites to throw into the mix:

  • Strawberries: Try them sliced up with mixed greens and balsamic dressing or atop plain, full-fat yogurt for a satisfying dessert.
  • Spinach: Use it as a base to your favorite colorful salad, such as with crumbled goat cheese, pistachios, and roasted beets.
  • Garlic scapes: These low-FODMAP green-bean-like sprouts can be sautéed with olive oil and topped with lemon as a side, chopped finely into a basil pesto, or simmered down with butter to use atop fish or poultry.
  • Chives: Chop these finely to garnish soup or serve sprinkled on your favorite entrées to provide a bright pop of color and onion flavor.
  • Rhubarb: These celery-like stalks can be minced and cooked down with strawberries and your favorite healthier sweetener (such as granulated monk fruit or erythritol) and stirred into oatmeal.
  • Radishes: Sliced thinly, this vegetable provides a pepper and bold flavor that can be tasty when served on a veggie tray or with cottage cheese.
  • Collard greens: Serve up these dark leafy greens as a perfect, low-carb, and versatile wrap replacement. Simply trim the hard stem and blanch in boiling water for a minute before plunging in an ice bath. Pat dry and roll with turkey, cucumbers, and hummus or your choice of fillings.

Consider a Spring Reset

I’ve always been a big fan of doing a 14-day detox reset as the seasons change. For my clients, it’s served as a straightforward and no-nonsense guide to refocus on what we all ought be eating regularly anyway: fresh and frozen organic produce, high-quality meat and fish options, satisfying healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, olive oil, and avocado, and complex, naturally gluten-free carbohydrate sources like root vegetables, berries, and quinoa.

If you’ve never considered it before, it’s worth checking out. It’s not as intimidating as it might seem, and most people coming out the other side of it enjoy a five- to seven-pound fat loss, better sleep, more energy, and an improved complexion. You can check it out here: Life Time D.TOX Program.


If anything, your water needs will increase during this season. A typical rule of thumb is to shoot for half of your goal body weight in ounces for optimal daily intake. But the more active we are and the more we sweat (even if we're just lying by the pool!), the more our need for water increases.

Bring a little spring to your water by adding some fruit or veggies for infused flavor. Keep a pitcher of filtered water in your refrigerator, and add raspberry and lime or pineapple and mint. Not only does it make it look more appealing, it also gives a great fresh, new taste to encourage optimal intake.

Spring Supplements

There are everyday supplements that most of us would do best to take throughout the year, but a new season is an opportune time to look at what you are taking and see if you are missing anything.

Continue your multivitamin and fish oil. Although it sounds simplistic, the metabolic and health benefits of high-quality vitamins and minerals, along with omega-3s, have far-reaching positive impacts. When prioritizing the most bang for your buck, I always start my clients with these two to make sure they’re set up for success.

Caveat: quality is everything. Be sure your quality multivitamins are capsule-based and have the most bioavailable nutrient forms, and ensure your fish oil is from small fish and in the triglyceride form as well.

Add in a shake habit. There’s something about spring that makes lighter fare more appetizing, and replacing a meal (often a refined carbohydrate breakfast, such as cereal, English muffins, or toast) with a high-quality, fiber-rich protein shake can be both convenient and refreshing. If you use in-season fruit and veggies (such as strawberries and spinach), the cool sweetness is a satisfying, easy way to keep your nutrition on-track.

The key with a daily shake, however, is to make sure you’re including a top quality protein powder and healthy fat, such as nut butter, to stabilize blood sugar. Simply mixing fruits and veggies together provides vitamins and minerals, but alone can cause blood sugar to fluctuate too erratically. Find some recipes to try here:

Boost your immune support. With the environment changing, we’re exposed to new allergens and bugs. To balance your body’s defense systems, be sure to optimize your vitamin D status, increase your vitamin C intake, support your gut with probiotics, and ideally pair any extra zinc with the polyphenol quercetin to help reduce the histamine response to common allergens this time of year. This type of support is mindfully provided together in the Life Time Immune Stack.

Spring Exercise

When the weather breaks, we’re all tempted to skip the club and head outside — sometimes to a patio for happy hour. If we aren’t careful, our structured exercise pattern from the colder months can take a tumble.

This time of year, it’s crucial to come up with a plan that suits your preferences with the seasonal change while still keeping you on track. Here are some trainer-tested tips to help:

Swap out one or two weekly workouts for the outdoors. In most cases, your cardio days would be easiest. It’s much more appealing to head outside for your usual run than continue to pound away on the treadmill.

In order to ensure you’re not reducing your frequency of strength training for more outdoor cardio, it’s best to connect with a fitness professional to help you strategize. They can help you by providing some bodyweight programming or utilization of things you might have in your backyard, such as monkey bars or a wheelbarrow, to provide added resistance.

Focus on your steps. Even the most dedicated club-goers sometimes have trouble fitting in adequate movement outside of their workouts. If you don’t already, consider getting a step tracker and heading outside daily with the family to get some extra steps in. If possible, aim for a daily goal of 10,000 steps outside of structured exercise.

Gamify your movement. Now is the perfect time to try new ways to move and challenge your body. Never tried tennis? Take a lesson. Want to involve the kids? Play a family game of kickball at the local park. Exercise doesn’t always have to be formal.

With spring in the air, take stock of your current habits and decide which ones might be feeling stale and in need of a new approach. Whether you implement one or all of the tips above, you’ll be ready to move forward with your healthy way of life plan without any seasonal slump.

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MEAL PREP delivers all the whole-food nutritional ingredients a hard-training athlete would need in the most delicious way possible

FOOD! REAL WHOLE FOOD. We crave it. It fuels us, helps us heal and repair, and powers us through strenuous activity. We prepare it, meal plan with it, socialize with friends over it, and bring families together with it. With great food choices you can achieve: physique goals; hit new personal records; and maintain a healthy and maintainable low body fat level. REAL WHOLE FOODS will keep you sustained longer, pushing you through intense workouts, long work days and reduce binge eating. The biggest problem for most is finding the time and energy for prepping these meals. One alternative is prepared meals from food-prep companies. While convenient, the costs of these meals can become expensive. Plus, if improperly stored, or you fall off your plan, the meals could go to waste.

ALLMAX NUTRITION has created the world’s best real food sourced, all-in-one meal with its all-new delicious MEAL PREP. Now you can tailor meal size to match your activity level, from 140 calories per serving up to 550 calories per meal. Super convenient, it can be mixed on the go, eliminating food waste and reducing weekly meal prep time. Best of all, Meal Prep’s cost per serving can be over five times cheaper than a typical meal.

MEAL PREP is DAIRY FREE, SOY FREE and MALTODEXTRIN FREE – perfect for those with diet sensitivities. MEAL PREP proteins are sourced from meat (beef, salmon, chicken, eggs) and vegetables. Zero dairy proteins help reduce water retention and bloating. MEAL PREP is soy free – eliminating a common allergen and a heavily processed, massed-produced protein source used in many meal replacements. No simple carbohydrates like sugar or maltodextrin are used. Instead, MEAL PREP uses slow-releasing, low-glycemic carbohydrates from oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa and flaxseed. MEAL PREP is also powered by an overabundance of fruits, vegetables and superfoods including kale, spinach, blueberry, reishi mushroom and turmeric.

MEAL PREP delivers all the whole-food nutritional ingredients a hard-training athlete would need in the most delicious way possible. Wait until you try the scrumptious new flavor, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – you will think you are eating the real deal, while sticking to your healthy nutrition plan without having a cheat meal. All of MEAL PREP’s mouthwatering flavors, including Banana Nut Bread and Blueberry Cobbler, are sure to take care of any cravings that would derail your nutritional plan. MEAL PREP mixes easily into a thick, rich, milkshake that not only tastes great but also leaves you feeling satisfied. 


For more information, visit

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STS™ Body Toning Cream



STS Body Toning Cream uses a powerful triad of ingredients to help define and detail your physique.

Former bodybuilder and Powerhouse Gym owner Dean Caputo always knew what he wanted, how to achieve his goals and exceed expectations. At age 16, Dean had an interest in working out, so in 1979 he built a weight room in his parents’ Streetsboro, Ohio garage with only a couple of benches and a few machines. Having Dean’s friends train with him in his weight room gave him the idea and inspiration to open his own gym.

After working two jobs through high school, Dean was able to make his dream come true in 1982. He opened his first business at age 18 in his hometown of Streetsboro. It was named Bodybuilders Unlimited in the Streetsboro Plaza.

While Dean owned his own gym and enjoyed a successful reign as a competitive, undefeated bodybuilder, Norm and Will Dabish of Powerhouse Gym approached Dean about converting his Bodybuilders Unlimited name to a Powerhouse Gym. This was the exciting beginning of a new chapter in Dean’s life, but there were many more chapters to come. Dean has turned another page and is proud to introduce STS and the release of their Body Toning Cream, an anti-cellulite cream that is perfect for the start of bodybuilding contest season.

Define and Detail Your Physique

STS Body Toning Cream is designed to help define and detail your physique. The Advanced Heating Formula is known to help increase blood circulation and promote sweating during workouts and recovery. Sweating helps to shed extra water to help sculpt and define problem areas. STS Body Toning Cream can also be used to help aid in the recovery and relief of sore muscles.

How does STS Body Toning Cream work? The cream uses a powerful triad of ingredients to help define and detail your physique:

• Juniper and sweet basil oil improve blood circulation to burn fatty deposits and strengthen connective tissue.

• Rosemary and cinnamon oil are known to cause a tightening and tingling sensation in the skin for a smooth and firm, youthful appearance.

• Pine and peppermint oil naturally reduce inflammation and alleviate aches, which means that it can also be used to help aid in the recovery and relief of sore muscles.

To get the most out of the STS Body Toning Cream, apply liberally to problem area by gently massaging in. You can wrap the area with a body wrap of your choice for a more intense heating sensation, but this toning cream can be used all over the body. Wash your hands immediately after use. For external use only.

GET MORE With the Contest Prep Pack!

When you buy the Contest Prep Pack, you get all the great sweat benefits of the Body Toning Cream plus a 15.8 ounce bottle of MCT Oil, which is packed full of healthy fats that are good for your body and boost your energy. The STS MCT Oil is an alternative to traditional oils, energy and sports drinks. Packed with nutritious fats, MCTS are absorbed directly from the gut to the liver, where they are burned quickly for energy. STS MCT Oil is made with 100% natural coconuts and contains the full spectrum of medium-chain triglycerides, including lauric acid; a powerful fat also found in mother's milk. When you combine these two products, you get a great jump-start to the spring season and the beginning of contest season., the Nutritional Supplement Marketplace

STS is the exclusive in-house brand of – the newest and rapidly expanding nutritional supplement marketplace in the industry. includes the bestselling brands you know and love at competitive prices. A satisfaction guarantee means that you never have to worry about your purchase. With free shipping over $65, is the place to go for your sports and bodybuilding supplements.

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STRONG BODY, STRONG MIND: Midyear Resolutions



I’ve never really been a New Year, New Me kind of person. Celebrating New Year’s Day always felt a little random, as did the idea that an ambitious resolution could change something about my life in the middle of winter. I’ve always connected with winter as a necessary time of growth through rest, and I personally like to dedicate this season to maintaining good habits and getting plenty of sleep.

As I’ve grown older, even the societal pressure to name a goal, intention, or vision for the new calendar year has lessened.

Fast-forward six months, though, and you’ll find me in quite a different mood. Perhaps it’s the energy of a northern summer, brimming with life, warmth, and sunlight after months of darkness and snow. Maybe it’s my birthday, on July 1, pushing me, as birthdays do, to reckon with the past and look to what lies ahead.

Or it could be some combination of the two — the natural world and my interior world conspiring to irritate and energize me. What I know for sure is that as summer rolls around, the days seem endless and I feel restless, yearning to move.

For years, I didn’t have any outlets for my heightened energy; each sum­mer I struggled with insomnia and a depressed mood. But as I discovered sports that I loved and my physical activity increased year-round, it became clear that I could harness this summertime energy for good.

Now, as the days stretch out and snow is a thing of the past, my activity levels peak almost organically: I want to walk, run, bicycle. I want to lift weights and try some outdoor boot camps. I want to paddleboard, hike, and take my virtual Zumba classes outside.

In other words, if I’m not working, I want to be moving my body, preferably outdoors. I want to feel as alive and vibrant as the world around me.

And as my activity increases, my mind jumps in to turn up the inten­sity by setting goals — specific and measurable goals, as I’ve been taught. Goals like performing 10,000 kettle­bell swings in one month, running 100 miles in a month, completing a 27-mile through-hike, or logging 1,200 activity “points” each day on my smartwatch (twice my wintertime goal for what is essentially calories burned through exercise).

I love having something to reach for every day. And I love the feeling in my body and mind as I work toward and achieve my goals.

This is a fine line to walk. There are many rewards to my increased activity level, including improved overall fitness, sleep, confidence, and mood. But there is a cost, too: the risk that my positive mindset will evolve into something unhealthy, emphasizing goal-setting and achievement over everything else.

You see, even though I feel like I should know better, I still tend to fall into a common resolution trap — losing sight of the why behind my actions.

I’ve learned that as summer progresses, I tend to push myself to do more or perform better every day. I tend to ignore signs to pull back or rest. I tend to berate myself when my workouts don’t go as planned or I don’t hit a particular goal. I trick myself into believing I can maintain this level of ­activity not just all summer, but all year.

All these tendencies are common — it’s easy to get excited about progress and caught up in achievement. But if they disconnect me from my why, then can I really call it progress? If I don’t feel alive — if I don’t feel the vibrance I initially sought out — are my achievements sustainable?

In noticing these tendencies, I’ve learned from them. Now I am able to stop and ask myself: How do I want to feel? Is this activity helping me feel that way? 

“How I feel” isn’t as specific or measurable as how fast I’m running, how much weight I’m lifting, or how my body composition is changing.

And “how I feel” isn’t a substitute for those goals. Rather it works with them, side by side, to help keep me accountable, consistent, inspired, adaptable, and connected to myself.

Fitness — like life — isn’t about choosing to feel good or perform well. I can get enjoyment from working hard, and I don’t have to suffer for my goals. Experience has taught me it’s possible to have both, if I keep both in mind.

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